People who have had games played should fill this up.


  • Who: Send you games to either Genevieve Casagrande or Reuben Pacheco during game writing season.
  • What: Send in your game ideas!
  • When: Usually from December, to January or February.

Basic WritingEdit

To be submitted:

  • Intro to Story, or, Story Background: The basic premise behind your world, covering important history or noting important characters. This must include who the PCs are and what their deal is.
  • Flow Sheets: The bread and butter of any story. Flow sheets describe what will actually happen in the game. For examples of flow sheets, please e-mail
  • Teaser: A brief paragraph, very short story, or movie poster that will make potential players drool in anticipation

To be written after game has been accepted:

  • Cast List: A list of all of your characters. If you would like to cast your characters that is fine, but please keep in mind that your desired actors have no guarantee of attending your camp
  • Character Sheets: A brief description of each character, which may include personality, history, occupation, family life, level, class, etc.
  • Production Lists: This includes--Sets & Props, Game System, Makeup & Accessories, and Wardrobe, and are lists that state your requirements for game.

A Terrible TutorialEdit

All you need for a game is an idea. Write down the premise for the game; make it sound real, something people would read. Write characters or groups of characters that you can think of. Decide which would be villains and which heroes. Find out which other characters you need.

Do some research. Check the forums. Eat something. Write a bit of flow. Brainstorm. Make lots of elaborate plans about what you need to write; revise them again and again.

Type it; if you already have, format it like you would an essay you want to look professional and take up more room. More flow? Write down which characters are group leaders, and who else is important.

Do nothing at all for a very long time until inspiration smacks you in the face. Then type A LOT. A lot a lot. Until your fingers and neck hurt and you think you have carpal tunnel. Until you forget how to spell words. Until your breathing is heavy and your face is red and you smell bad.

Try to finish the flow. More characters. Define the setting and major people and basis of the game. Think about a teaser.

Write a teaser. Finish other bits.

And then you have a game.