Trhvmn Ortenrosse, Lord of the White Wing was an awesome vampire played by Bryan Ransil at Dead Apostles (Westfinder, November 2007 Bootleg)

Affiliations: Dead Apostles, Regnin Co.

Special Qualities: Uses Regnin Co. to create vampire-friendly products. He has had a big success with his 500 SPF Sunscreen, and is currently working on Anti-Stake Heart Guard. Skilled in a variety of European based magicks.

Character SheetEdit

Trhvmn Ortenrosse
You’re a classy guy. The classiest in the Crimson Vanguard.

Back when you were a human, you were a viscount who saw over a fair stretch of land in Western Europe, in the 1100’s. You were raised properly, and know how to be a gentleman.

This was your mindset, and still is. Although, your definition of gentleman has shifted a bit. You’re a vampire, and there are ways that vampires should act. You spend your time acquiring knowledge. Over the past few hundred years, you have mastered various magics, and can bend the world to your will, a bit. You don’t just run amok; you rule the world quietly, from the shadows. Your vassals do the hunts and retrieve blood for you. You don’t dirty yourself with such trivial tasks.

Hah, and humans. It is not as if you had much empathy for the peasantry before you were turned, but you have even less now. Their status is immeasurably below yours. They are mortal, after all.

You hold onto your beliefs immovably. You’ve defended them countless times, and they haven’t changed over the past millennium. In fact, you are the primary propagator of the feud between your clan and the Rising Crescent—it’s disgusting how they think they should just intermingle with common humans and act so casually as they do.

Oh, and you really like birds. Especially doves. They’re so peaceful, and pure. You spend a lot of time talking with Blackmore about your avian fixations, but he tends to like ravens and crows.