Taerya Emanuel, Worried Wife, age 27

You grew up in the neighboring town of Feriadoch with your brother, Kryg. Your mother escaped Hell with her life, but she died soon after. You never knew her. Your brother says he remembers her, but what can he remember? A pretty face, a certain way she smiled. You suspect that she died of poisoning, from food that she wasn't used to. It was a pointless, senseless death, but it happened before you were properly a person. You were taken in by a fishing family. They treated you well, more than you could have expected. You love them more than you could ever love a mother you never knew.

You met your husband, Sly Emanuel, when you visited Tedoch to watch your brother Kryg fight in the pits there (he lost that night, won others; when you bet on him, you leave with a little more than you started with). Sly was sweet and shy. You asked him to dinner. He accepted. Your romance blossomed from there.

When you married, you moved to Tedoch, because he had a steady job working at the factory. You lost contact with your brother, but you send letters to him occasionally. You have made several friends in town, and you still follow the fighting pits. You find the strategy of it fascinating and exciting. You know all the fighters by name, and have made a real connection with Samuel Bellings, one of the pit fighters. You've also spent time talking with Carmino, the announcer of the pits. He's formal in a way that you find hilarious.

The only blemish on your otherwise nice life (as nice as life can be), is that you think your husband might be cheating on you. You've heard stories of his younger days, when he was something of a womanizer. The little voice in the back of your mind worries that you've been tricked into a false marriage that exists only to give him credibility in front of everyone, while he carries on affairs behind your back. But that's crazy. Your husband loves you. You know that. Right?

He's told you he's working late tonight, again. You plan on confronting him, seeing what kind of "work" he's up to.