The followers of Amaterasu from The Five Moons of Japan.

You are the loyal aides of the sun goddess Amaterasu. As kamis born from parents of different elements, you have the abilities of both Fire and Lightning. You are all playful and artistic and, had you been mortals living in a proper world of alternating night and day, probably all would have become performers or gypsies. Born back when there was still day in Nippon, about 240 years ago, your memories of sunlight are by far the most precious things to you. After Amaterasu disappeared into her cave, you set up camp outside and made daily attempts to coax her out. Your father, Kagerou, stayed with you for 30 years before taking up residence at Gaiden Shrine to watch over the Lunar Decrees. Your mother, Hotaru the Firefly, mysteriously disappeared about 5 years later.

Unlike the rest of the rogue kamis, who maintain a neutral relationship with the Moons and other mortals, you make an effort to be openly friendly with everybody. This works with some groups better than others, though. You have the best relationships with Yellow Moon, the Solar Samurai, the Moon Sprites, and naturally the other rogue kamis. Being all but anchored to one location, as you have stood faithfully by Amaterasu’s caveside for 200 years, you like take turns in exploring the land and reporting back with what the outside world is like. When a group isn’t out scouting and you have some quality time at the cave, you have little fireside parties to entertain yourselves and your self-confined leader. Despite your almost constantly cheerful nature, you can’t help but wonder occasionally what happened to your mother…