Reed Peck-Kriss was born and raised, and is still being sometimes rezed in Oakland California. Upon meeting the duo of Ben Schwartz and Khy Manuso in 2006, he was immediately inducted into Westfinder. Westfinder and Wayfinder would soon become a massive part of his life, with him attending Advanced Camp that summer.

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The Third HashashinEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Secrets of the Templar

A cautious, somewhat timid assassin working to eliminate evil on both sides of the crusades. He was ultimately devoted to his faith, and openly welcomed his short meeting with God after his death. He died ambushed by seven knights templar.

Charles the InsaneEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Secrets of the Templar

Charles was originally a woodworker in a small English town, sent by the local priest to the crusades to find out what was happening. However, upon arriving at the crusades, and seeing the horror and bloodshed, Charles' mind fell apart. What before had been a relatively calm and simple mind was torn apart under the storm of unanswerable questions invading it. Every answer on th subjects of religion, ethics, and morality that he had ever had was stripped away, leaving only questions. He began to wander the land, unsure of anything, even his own life. Eventually he wandered into the demon encampment. Realizing that he was not threat, they left him alone as their leader, Satan, laid out her plan. At the end of the speech, she approached Charles, and attempted to transform him into a demon. when he refused, she cast pain upon him. Charles was saved at the last second by an angel. Afterwards, he continued to wander the battlefield, until he ran into Satan again, who killed him. In the last seconds of his life, Charles delivered a short speech to Satan, asking her if she truly thought what she was doing was good. Upon meeting God, Charles angrily accosted him, demanding answers and reasons for the bloodshed he had seen. God would not give them. He told Charles that he had allowed doubt to ender his mind, and damned him to hell.

The Demon of DoubtEdit

Game: Advanced Camp: Secrets of the Templar

The Demon of Doubt was a malicious, happy, grinning demon. An expert in the manipulation of words and language, Doubt could make even the most stalwart believer damn God to his face. Aside from demonic strength and resistance to wounds, Doubt had little combat ability. Instead, his main strength lay in his ability to lie to people, for if he could convince enough people of something's truth, Doubt could make it true. Doubt likely would have been a strong supporter of Satan's plan, but due to his ultimately doubtful nature, he was unable to fully believe in Satan, or even in in his own nature as a demon.