The Exeter five is a Osprey class assault ship, although it bears little resemblance to other Ospreys due to extensive modifications. The ship was originally in the service of the U.R.S.F (United Races Scout Force) until it was liberated in a daring raid by its current captain, Griffin 'magic eye' Simpson. The ship and its crew are infamous for many daring raids, including the famed 'Orbital 71 prison break'. Whereabouts unknown

Technology Edit

The ship's regular Drake-Nominos propelled gravity drive, a C7, was replaced by a heavily modified D-12. The D-12 is widely considered unstable by most pilots, but numerous 'enchantments' have decreased accident rates. The ship has not one, but three on board AI's, as well a class 7 memory core. The ship has 30 inch steel plating, augmented by advanced shields

Armaments Edit

The life of a space pirate is dangerous at best, so the crew of the Exeter-5 are well prepared for the mysteries of space. The ship has four GESC (Gravity enchanced super cannons) as well as seven GEHC (Gravity enhanced heavy cannon). The ship also can deliver a volley of twelve NOVA class missiles port or starboard. The Exeter-5 is also known to be armed with a vast array of other weapons including, Ion charges, Plasma conduits, and high yield boarding cables

Crew Edit

The Exeter-5 is crewed by

Griffin 'magic eye' Simpson. So named because of the electronic enchantments add to his right eye, bestowing many abilities. Captain of the Exeter-5

David 'Dottsegen'. The offworlder mechanic who spends his time in the engine room tinkering or working on programs on his terminal. Mechanic of the Exeter-5

Dylan 'forsyth' Scott. Resident sci specialist of the ship. Former United Races Scout, but decided to stay on when the ship was commandeered. To be honest, it makes little difference to him. It is unclear why he was on a ship bound for deep space anyway, and it’s also unclear whether he even knows.

Bryan 'Snake Eyes' Ransil. Known for his philosophic ruminations, this stowaway sometimes gets the crew into trouble due to random tangents and over-confidence.

Chris 'The Immortal' Niedt. A romantic warrior poet and renowned tactician. Chris gets the cosmic ladies but is also skillful in many fighting styles. He carries an F5R6 class 36 inch plasma sword as his main weapon. 'The Immortal' has one rule he lives by, it is: There can be only one!.......except for the crew of the Exeter-5 of course

Past Deeds Edit

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