Life in IrelandEdit

Colin O'Brien was born to MacDublinshire Street in August of 1652. When Ireland joined the industrial revolution, it was Colin who was appointed Defender of Man to prevent the machines from rising up against their masters, which he did, twice.

He earned status as a folk hero amongst textile workers and frequently received gifts via mail. One such letter, however, detailed how a local family was being terrorized by a pictsie's pet wolf, that knocked over their garbage cans at night and made an unsightly mess. Colin, feeling for their hardships, slew the beast with a fishing hook.

Life in AmericaEdit

Colin emigrated from his homeland in 1922 to the land of America, where the streets were paved with gold. He stole that gold, leaving other immigrants feeling cheated and lied to, and soon "The Gilded Age" was widely regarded as a myth or expression. Where he hid it all has yet to be discovered.


Colin found his hat inside the belly of a manticore underneath Oxford college. It is his faithful icon and totem, and people pray to smaller yarn replicas in hopes of receiving a fraction of his strength.

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Colin first attended the Wayfinder Experience in 2002. Thusly, he has had so many memorable roles that it becomes tedious to recount.