Bradley was nigh bloodthirsty pugilist played by Bryan Ransil at Colorshock (Westfinder, December 2007 Bootleg).


Age: 16.

Affiliations: Green Gang.

Notable Traits: Loves to Fight, hates the substance Colorshock, been a pugilist since he was 6 years old.

Rivalries: He currently has only one rival: Woad, a blue gang member.

Background @ 16: Bradley is a very violent green gangster. Born nearly color blind in the lower city (is that the proper term?), he can only see in two shades of "green" (grass-green and sea-green). His brother (Tim) developed blue powers, and Bradley hung out with the blues. From the time that Bradley was six, he became a very proficient pugilist, out ranking nearly everyone of his age (when people did not use light powers).

When he was 10, he manifested his first power when trying to save his brother. However, the green energy horribly scarred Tim, and the whole blue gang turned on him. Bradley ran and escaped to green territory (where he was accepted by the greens).

He did not have very good relations with his father, since his father was a colorshock addict. Lashing out at everyone, Bradley's father (Mark) would inflict serious damage on everyone, and his non-apologetic manner afterwords made Bradley seethe with fury at all colorshock-users and salesmen. Bradley almost killed Mark when Mark was taking colorshock and Bradley was nine. After that time, Bradley has never seen his father, despite talking monthly with his mother and the mother trying to bring Bradley and Mark back together.

Characteristics & Behavior: Very violent, he will take any chance to have a really good fight (only when he is extremely wounded will he back down). He seems cold, but feels happy most of the time with the Greens. Bradley does have times when he is extremely depressed about color (not being able to see colors except sea-green and grass-green). He also is extremely hostile to anyone that uses colorshock or any "performance drugs" since he values a person when his body is not affected with any substance (because of experiences with his father). He is even more barbarous towards these individuals and colorshock-salesmen, to the point that his mother suspects his brain may be wired with a reverse-colorshock-syndrome.